Special announcements.
18 March 2020
Dear Members and followers

In line with current advice, all NNAC gatherings - AGM - selection- Forum Exhibition- Social Gatherings- Life Classes- have had to be cancelled or postponed until further advice is issued by government.

Stay Well.
All the Best.
Current Council and Officers

December 2019 Norman Sidebottom
The Council is sorry to announce the death of Norman Sidebottom on 7 December 2019. Norman was a member of the NNAC and exhibited from 2002 - 2019. He was Vice Chairman in 2004 and Chairman in 2005 and 2006. He was made a life member in 2015.

December 2018 Keith Johnson
Many of you will have known Keith Johnson, a life member, who was very active in the Circle, a member since 1966. Keith died last Sunday the 16th December.

April 2018. Ray Banger
The NNAC would like to record the passing of Ray Banger who has served the society over a long period. He was a member from 1970 to 2018. During that period he served as President from 1977-79, was Secretary from 1970-76 and then from 1979-85.
He took over as Treasurer from 1987-92 then from 2002-12. He was made a life member in 1979. His service to the Art Circle was exemplary and his experience will be greatly missed. Our sympathy goes to his wife Joan and his family.