Exhibition rules and selection process


1. All work submitted must be the original work of the artist. Reproductions will not be accepted.
2. Any third party reference materials or photographs must only be used with the express permission of the copyright owner.
3. All work submitted must be finished to exhibition standard.
4. Digital art is acceptable. It must be created by digital processes using layers, digital art tools or freehand digital painting or a combination of those techniques. As only original work may be accepted the printed image must be signed by hand as an artist's proof.
5. Photographs will not be accepted.
6. NNAC exhibitions aim to showcase the work of all selected artists as fairly as possible. Therefore works are selected and hung individually and not by artist. Works comprising more than a single image (diptych, triptych etc) must be submitted as one item and, if selected, will be hung together as a single work with one label. Only one multiple image work per artist may be submitted.
7. The elected committee is responsible for hanging the exhibitions. The decision of the committee is final. No work may be relocated in the exhibition by members without permission.

SELECTION PROCESS 2-D Work and Sculpture

This note is for the information and guidance of members who are planning to submit pictures to one of the Art Circle's annual exhibitions.

The panel on Selection Day is made up of all members of the Council, except the Secretary and the Treasurer. This usually means a panel of 11 members. Sometimes a guest professional member is invited to join the selection committee. The paintings are slowly walked past the panel so that they all have a good view of the work. All committee members have voting cards and raise the appropriate card simultaneously without discussion to indicate whether they wish to select a piece of work. The treasurer and secretary count and record the votes. Sculptures are voted on in the same manner, being placed individually on a table where committee members may walk around them to view. Work must receive a majority vote to be selected.

All work should be presented to exhibition standard and be ready to hang. Guidance on framing and presentation is on the entry form sent to members before each exhibition. Work which is badly presented will be rejected on that basis.

Each member of the Panel votes as an individual but will bear in mind the following criteria -
1. Composition
2. Artistic Competence - Is it well and confidently executed?
3. Are tonal values well arranged?
4. Is colour well handled?
5. Is it well presented? - Is framing of suitable quality?

Size. The Forum and the Cathedral have a limited space and we want to include the work of as many artists as possible. We would prefer pictures to fit comfortably within the width of a screen which is a metre wide. Larger paintings will be considered but may be rejected if they would dominate the exhibition.