Demo by Adebanji Alade. Saturday February 17th Framingham Earl high school

1.30 for 2pm start until 4pm. Free for members. Non members £3

The demo by Adebanji Alade was attended by around 50 people who were given a treat for the eyes and ears as Adebanji demonstrated and described his process working on a cityscape in acrylics. He stressed the importance of sketching and showed that the effort put in at the sketching and block in stage enables the freedom to have fun in the latter stages of a painting.
An enthralling and inspiring demo. See the gallery for more photos.

Adebanji is a dynamic, motivational and inspirational artist. He represents the force of life that gives anyone who comes in contact with him a jolt and a spark.

He paints and sketches from life and from photographic references. He mainly loves to capture the spark of life in anything he portrays.

He is popularly known as the "Addictive Sketcher" as he can be often seen sketching endlessly in public places and on public transport.

He is an award winning artist, one of his most recent awards was the Alan Gourley Memorial Award for a painting of outstanding merit at The Royal Institute of Oil Painters Annual Exhibition in 2017.

He is a member of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters, Chelsea Art Society, Urban Sketchers Correspondent and The Guild of Fine Art Nigeria.

He also presents Art related documentaries on the One Show, BBC One.