Digital Art, art of the future -Talk/demo by Howard Temperley Saturday 22nd July

Howard gave an interesting, illustrated presentation with amusing anecdotes.
He discussed how reproductions have been used in various forms of ‘The Arts’. Obviously printing books and music is used to open the work up to a
larger audience, but with paintings we tend to only accept the original. The aura of an original painting is part of its merit. Digital art is challenging this
premise as they can be reproduced perfectly any number of times, although limited, numbered prints should curtail this.
Howard then showed us some examples of the processes he uses to produce his works. Starting with several photographs, which he converts to
monochrome before adjusting the images and adding other elements. He then reintroduces the colours he needs to produce the effect he wants.
Howard's work challenges many of us, in a very positive way.
Thank you Howard.
Eleanor Alison